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Local Attractions

Always good to have the occasional break and have a business lunch

The Team at MSL Creative

Following successful careers in a variety of fields we have decided to bring our skills together to support individuals and small businesses in web development.

We have a strong background in systems, processes, photography, writing and website design.  We work with individuals and small businesses who don’t have access to teams of people and who look for value when purchasing new services.  We approach each project with enthusiasm and our objective is to provide a bespoke website that will enhance your business or profile.

We have a proven track record of creating a variety of websites for a range of businesses and individuals.  We are able to use a variety of tools and methods that will provide imaginative and creative pages that will fully illustrate your services to your customers.

Occasional Pub Lunch

We work in peace and quite allowing our imagination to run when creating new websites.  Also helps to focus on the job to get it done quicker.

Peace and Quiet

Whatever the picture opposite might make you think, the answer is no we don’t have business meetings in hot countries as a means to get out of the office.

Occasional Lunch Break Rest

Sea food from the marketMykonos beach warm and sunnySantorini Greece fantastic

While we don’t have a large yacht on the med we do have a comfortable space to sit and talk about how we can help you and your business.

A Comfortable Setting

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