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How to create a Website - FAQ

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What is a Website?

Websites are used to advertise and promote a product or service based business they are a construction of electronic pages of information, including text and images that are displayed to be viewed using an Internet browser like, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or one of the many others browsers available on the Internet.

The Internet web pages can be either static or incorporate movement using many different products available to enhance the experience of the viewer.  It is now possible to view video of a variety of different types from adverts to online television.  The written text on the web page can also move on the screen, for example if you have a long list of emails or letters from satisfied customers and you wanted to display them all then this could be set up in a way that each feedback letter could be shown through a small box window that would display long enough to be read and then the next one replaces it and so on, so the viewer can sit and watch the feedback scrolling on the screen without having to move a muscle.

A website can be seen from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection and before you think I only work locally why would that interest me?  Take for example someone is on holiday in the USA and they are due home but need to organise a visit to fix the washing machine that failed just before going on holiday or someone who wanted to buy a part before they went on holiday, have some free time and an Internet device and want to be prepared for the homecoming.  There are many reasons that make it worthwhile having a web site.

We promote the idea of a web site because we can see the benefits and so do our customers.

An example, maybe a moral judgement, your business is selling flowers and you offer a selection of different flower arrangement types from the specialised creative wedding sets to the pretty bouquet for a birthday.  There is a small sample selection of flower images and prices online stating that bouquets start from £xx and are always fresh daily and you take credit card payments.  This means that you can offer a local service from anywhere in the country or even abroad allowing families to send flowers from a distance.  This has the potential to bring more business to your local business from further away than your locality.

Discovering websites for the first time as a potential site owner can be daunting prospect and can lead to many problems and unresolved issues after a commitment has been made and a package has been purchased.  The presumption that all business people are also web savvy is completely unreasonable, so if you are web aware then this is not for you.

A website consists of three elements;

1 The domain name of the site, the domain name is the title name you buy that will represent your website for example, is British Telecom’s website name and is TalkTalk’s website name.  Notice the difference between British Telecom and TalkTalk, the difference between them is one being the full title and the other is a shortened version.  Deciding on a name for your business can be a challenge as you want it to reflect the name of the business, not be to long and maybe easy to remember and most important that it is available for you to buy!

Discovering a name can be done using one of the many registrars around the UK, try using try entering a few examples to see what results are displayed.  The results can be disappointing at times when you think of the perfect name only to discover it has already been taken,

So for a furniture manufacturers you could search on the following:

Search Google: furniture-manufacturers

The registrars site will then show you the results of the search.

Its your choice, try thinking outside the box a little if they all seem to be taken.  Adding your location may help adding a hyphen.

2 The Hosting service, once a domain name has been selected, this is the next step.  Hosting is where your website will be stored to be seen by the WWW - World Wide Web.  The website will consist of a series of pages of information that become visible to viewers using a program called a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.  The hosting package purchased will be dependant on the size of the website.  Typically a starter website will use only a few megabytes so a starter package will generally suffice to start with.  Most hosting services will allow a mid term upgrade so nothing to worry about there.  Hosting services and packages are vast, there are many different add on’s and databases, widgets etc etc. A starter site to display basic html will only normally need the basic options, some space to put the files and an FTP program to transfer them from the home/office based computer to the Internet server hosting site.

3 Finally the website this is another pretty broad subject and is easily answered because this is about entry level or starter websites.  The easiest way to get started with a set of web pages is to talk to a web developer ( Like us) who will discuss your needs for a website create a sample idea for you to look at, this can then be developed into a website.  While this might sound complicated to a website novice it is important to understand the basics because once the site is completed it maybe handed over to you with the developer coming back from time to time when additions or updates are needed.

That is it - Domain Name - Web Hosting - Web Pages => The site is online.

Once the website is running it needs to be advertised to the geographic location where the services/products are available.

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