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The world has taken in computers and technology and now has become an essential part of our daily lives.  If you are looking to purchase a product then most people will look on the Internet to find a company that is selling the product they want.

Competitive World

Theorists are suggesting that any business that wants to be around in the future needs a website to allow there customers to see more about the business and available products when they want.  Most businesses looking for products will do some analysis and compare one company to another and that could be from there office chairs or at there home.  It highlights the need to have an online presence.

The biggest advantage of the Internet is its availability 24/7 allowing different time zones to see your products when you are asleep and if you have an online shop you can have purchases taking place overnight in another countries daylight hours.

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The Lonely Tree

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Greece is still a great place to go and have a break.  The weather is fabulous and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Exotic Beaches are Still There

Entertaining is a very human way to socialise and develop friendships or failing that always up for a party


High quality saddles must be photographed to show how good the build is, accuracy of stitching and quality of materials used.

Horses Still Need Saddles

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