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Website Photography

Photographs are important for any website and any form of advertising for that matter, we have taken many different types of images as the scrolling samples above show.

If products and services are good quality then so should the images they represent.  Taking photographs for website use can normally be taken as one image per product or service that will be duplicated for other uses, the screen image shows the product or service then maybe it is appropriate to light-box the image so a larger view can be seen and consequently show fine detail, a much smaller image may be required elsewhere on the site so this image can be reduced in size to suit the need.  Where images that are being sold online its likely that a copyright label across the images would be required.

For websites that use special effects like moving images that give the impression of a 360 degree 3D type image then many images are required to create the effect.

Creating a scene for a set of images relating to a service provider maybe a group of staff members carrying out a process that would help to promote there business practice or and image representing a service then each situation is assessed individually by requirement as this type of photography requires a development strategy.  We have experience of individual staff members to large groups.

Some product photography can be achieved from our studio where we are able to create image sets on mass, setting up the studio takes time and once set and ready then many images can be created without the need to continually change the setup.

When photographs are taken then samples are always provided for our clients to ensure the correct angle, lighting and colour to show the image at its best.  We use professional grade cameras and lenses to ensure we get the best possible images and always visit the site before taking any photographs.

The Value of Photography

Photgraphers LensMetal Fabricators Gift box and AppleInvicta Saddery new saddleLaura Geary Eventing Competitor show jumpingBE Eventing - Laura Geary competitor at Chilham CastleSam Briggs - Metal Fabricator - BlacksmithFaversham Transport Weekend

Photography covers a multitude of subjects, the selection above is a small sample of the images we have experience in taking and most of these can be easily translated to similar photo sessions, if you like the images but cant see the types of images your looking for then contact us to put your mind at rest one way or the other.

We will only take photographs if we are sure we can get the high quality we would expect to achieve and satisfy your requirement.

Brass Products - Radiator Valve Brass Products - Radiator Valve Brass Products - Radiator Valve Sundial Set
Valve 1
Brass Products Precision Engineering

How to turn an image set into a demonstration.  The radiator valve has a number of positions from Cold to Hot.

The demonstration shows the varying positions and how easy and functional the valve is.

Radiator Valve Demonstration

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