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Photography Options

Private Party - Masked BallFood Serverd at a Private PartyPrivate Party

We have taken photographs at various parties including black tie birthdays.  We are discrete and will dress the blend into the background of the event.  The samples opposite are very basic as we are discrete.

Party venues will always need a site visit to determine shots, formal or informal, timed or not.  We can use a back drop so when guests arrive they can be photographed before the party gets going, this will normally ensure most of the guests are photographed except any guest that requests not be photographed.

Once the session is complete we will process the images and meet with you to select the images you would like in a photo book.  The details of the final photographs will be discussed prior to meeting at the venue so any finer points can be discussed and resolved.

We use professional quality cameras and lenses to ensure we get the best images for your event

Private Parties

Equestrian Eventing Photography

Equestrian trainingEquestrian Show JumpingEquestrian Show Jumping

We have been to a number of equestrian events taking photographs to promote eventing competitions.

Eventing is made up of three types of horse riding, dressage, jumping and cross country.  If preferred shots are required then we can discuss the specifics on the day and assuming the photograph shot is possible then we will get the shot.  Please note that weather plays a big part in getting the shot and although we have weather proof covers for the cameras we are not allowed to use flash guns.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are special days and require very specific detail for the days events from meeting at the service venue to the wedding party and evening entertainment.

Delicious Desserts

Food Photography

Delicious DessertsDelicious Desserts

We are always looking for a new challenge and offer economic services for areas where we have untried skill sets.  Food photography is always a challenge depending on where the images are going to be used.  Delicious Desserts click to see more detail, sadly these desserts don’t exist any more because we ate them:)

Wedding service Brides Wedding shoes candelabra

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