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Photographic images are an important part of presenting products and services to your customers and potential customers.  Presenting a business online is a translation process, the business practises and methods can be converted into text and images on a series of web pages that represent the working view of the business, its products and services.

We are practised in taking photographs on-site and at our office studio where we can take images with a white background, isolated background or a background matching the website colours.  When taking photographs we will discuss in fine detail how when and where so we have the best opportunity to get the best images.

We take full sized high resolution images for all products we photograph using professional grade cameras, this allows us to provide a series of each image for use with the website, printable material and for advertising.  Any cropping, straightening required will be done at the post processing stage along with any alterations required.

If the website includes a blog then these images will also be usable for a blog.  We generally use Wordpress for blogging as it was designed for the purpose and works very well.

Icon saddle image medium sized saddle image large saddle image Click to enlarge

Having photographs that stand out will depend on how far you want to go in achieving the best for your online presence.  A good quality photography can be large, small and inbetween and will look the same crisp image whatever size.

We use professional grade photography equipment to get the best quality image.  We always discuss in fine detail of the task before we attempt to start any session.  If you already have photographs we are happy to look at them as potentially usable for a web page.

Manufacturing Photography Brass Products Radiator Valves taken by MSL Creative

Manufacturing Photography

High grade top quality products need to be seen in the best light for the quality to show.

The smaller image can also be used showing a good quality crisp well defined image, ideal for icons.

Brass Products Manufacturing MSL Creative Still Life

Small Icon sized image

Small page  image

Large page  image

Photographs of your products can make a difference when selling products.  We have worked with other businesses, print houses, graphic designers, weather its for a business card, flyer, brochure, poster of large poster.

To see more about our photograph then follow this link to website photography, for other photography then follow the link to other photography.

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Website Photographs

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    360 view - click and drag to rotate or click play.

    Product image views are becoming more and more important as online resourcing becomes increasingly popular and seeing all the details of products is required.

    With the many options available for creating image rotations on web pages we use java script to ensure the page gets the best from search engine optimisation and is visibly clear and flexible.