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What is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. This is a technique of structuring a set of web pages that search engines like Google and Bing can interpret the site structure and page content in order to place the web site into an index so people searching for the products and services on offer show up in the list produced by the search engine.

We offer to create a website with basic compliance with search engines including registration with Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We will make sure that each page has a page title, meta description, H1 tag and depending on the page content will add H2 and H3 tags.

SEO is a specialist subject and there are many specialists who have trained specifically in SEO techniques and how to get the most from connecting your website to your customers and potential customers.  Its not an exact science as the search engines change and tweak the algorithms used to index websites.

There are two ways to optimise a website, using a technique called organic search engine optimisation or by external marketing and selling methods.

Any business needs to advertise the services and this can be achieved in many different mediums from new paper advertising to calling potential customers on the telephone or using the many social networking products like Facebook, Linkedin and blogging of many different flavours including Wordpress.

Optimising a website is essential to get good organic ratings with search engines, its also a good idea to develop a strategy that includes other methods of marketing your products/services.  There are many different means of getting attention to your website in addition to organic SEO development, PPC (Pay Per Click) talking about your website face to face, sending out web and email address on business cards, compliment slips and flyers and email marketing etc.

The information on the web pages reflect the business, products and services using text and images, to enable your site to grow organically it needs to be setup in a way that search engines can easily read the pages.

Search engines uses bots to interrogate web pages and currently are unable to see images so its important that all images have “alt txt” entries identifying the image.  All other elements of a web page also have to be identified so bots can easily understand how the pages are made up.  Web page readers are also a feature to accommodate when considering how to describe content names and alt txt description, not only important for search engine bots but also for partially sighted visitors and Google like a friendly approach.

More information about web page structuring includes the text, which needs to be identified to search engines and this is done using a series of headings defined as H1 to H6, each heading plays a roll in being recognised by search engines.

The H1 heading is the most important and each page needs to have one H1 heading, can have up to two H2 headings and numerous H3 headings, H4 to H6 are less important but still worth using if you have enough text with sub sub headings.

Keywords are still important when defining a web page although defining meta keywords is becoming less relevant so whatever the defined keyword list is should be used in the page text, page titles and meta descriptions to maximise the organic development.  

So for example, the business resells car shampoo and you believe its the best available so the most relevant keywords will be car and shampoo then further definitions for building a list.  Its worth discovering how Google ranks a particular keyword so the page looks good and informative and Google will rank your page well because you have used good quality keywords.

There are many more areas worth complying with to benefit from organic growth getting the website to be listed to potential customers.

Organic ‘Search engine optimisation’ is a means of showing your website pages to search engines so they are understood this enables monitoring visitors.

The site pages can be adjusted to optimise search engines view of them so getting the best from  searches using Google Analytics and Bing/Yahoo Webmaster tools.

The results of analytics show the strengths and weaknesses of site pages.

Google Analytics

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Behind the scenes your web site will need all the relevant coding, title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, this will be based on your pictures, text and other content.

Key words are included in your text, sub headings and titles, all descriptive sentences and phrases describing your business.

When a robot crawls your site, it will look at the visible text and links and from that will index the findings into its database.  When your customers search the Internet the Search Engine will place your web site into those searches.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic S.E.O

Organic SEO is a method used to explain a website to a search engine.

The two sides to the equation are human users and computerised search engines.  We use text, photographs, pictures, diagrams to express our business products and services.  We look at pages visually when searching for something we want to find out about.  If for example we were looking for a washing machine we would use Google or one of the many search engines and type in “washing machine” press return to see what Google list as options for me to discover more about washing machines.  The list returned from Google is now available for me to click an option and discover more.

Then when looking at the list on the page I select the first option to see if it show me the information I am looking for.  The results show information about purchasing a new washing machine so the search engine has guessed that is what I am looking.  I then find the washing machine I am looking for after selecting the option from the list.

The websites that are listed are a combination of advertised websites that have a small ‘Ad’ at the beginning of the site title followed by organically optimised websites that are selling washing machines and then can be finished at the bottom of the page by more adverts.

The question is how do you get your website on that first page or second page?  There are ways to get you web page to display using organic optimisation that require making the site pages work using best practises.  There are also other ways to get your site at the top of the list using Google Adwords advertising campaign.

Best practices start with, text and images where the text is 300+ words.  The image file names are defined and Alt tags are labelled.  The pages have external and internal links there needs to be a social media connection and a blog.  There needs to be reciprocal links and back links.  All for starters then the site needs to be scalable so compatible with tablets and mobile phones.  If there are connected associations or awards or government links and so it goes on.  This is all very general and as Google changes its algorithm so all affected website also need to adapt.

Keyword research is also a valuable part of making a website page visible to search engines and to people searching.  It is possible to discover what common keywords are used when searching the Internet.  There are many websites available offering keyword research tools to give an insight into keyword demand over the past 30days.  Google Adwords facility also offer keyword research.