Web Page Text – Copywriting

Copywriting is valuable, important and the best way to make text on the page easily readable by visitors to your site.

If you already have written information about your business this can be used to create continuity between your website and your copy.

We can help with creating text for you making the pages easily understood and compatible with the products and services your business offers.

Writing Text for Web Sites

Most Customers have a short attention span and an enormous choice of goods and services available on the Internet.  So how will your web site stand out?

Designing a web site is important, using crisp pictures with no blurring can tell a story but it needs to be relevant and not too big.  Most people have Internet access from different suppliers with different download speeds, waiting for a picture to slowly download is frustrating and has many potential customers hitting the back button and moving on to the next website in the Search Engine.

Lovely pictures and an all singing all dancing web site does not sell your products or services on its own.  It needs the text, so planning your text is just as important when planning your site.

Where to start?

Search across the Internet and look for like-minded businesses, note what you like about a site and what you don’t.

Book mark the ones that hold your attention, these are the businesses that are probably doing well, the ones you dismiss are probably being dismissed by everyone else as well.

Read the text – is it informative, are you able to scan it quickly, does it keep you interested, is the site easy to navigate?

Search Engines

We write text for other humans to read but they are not the only visitors to your new website.  

Search engines will send robots to crawl over your site to pick up a information in order to list it on their search pages.  They rely on all sorts of information that sits in the structure of your site as well as the pictures and the text.

Get it right and the next person looking for your service or products when they use a search engine will immediately find yours on the first page.  Get it wrong and you will be listed on page 200+ or not be listed at all.

Writing for Humans and Robots

Writing text needs to be informative, succinct and get the message across quickly.   You are likely to have a lot of competition so your site will need to capture attention and hold it long enough to convert the display into a customer.

Who are your customers?

It starts with who is your target audience?  

Is there a specific group of people that your products or services are more likely to sell to?  If so you need to pitch the style and tone of your writing to match.

If your services and goods are targeted at a whole range of people, then the writing needs to be appropriate.


  •  Summary goes first so that your customer will get the gist of the page and keep them reading.  It becomes really irritating if you take the time to read the first couple of paragraphs and realise that your information is not relevant or not appropriate to their search engine criteria.
  •  Using sub headings enables readers to go directly to the information they are looking for.
  •  Use bullet points, clear and simple language, try to avoid slang words or technical jargon as far as possible.  
  •  Make sure each sentence counts and holds useful information.
  •  Don’t waffle, get to the point and make it interesting.
  •  Do not plagiarise from another web site or document.  This will be recognized by the search engines and marked down.  Remember not everyone finds language easy to read so keep it simple.
  •  Write unique text.
  •  Think about how your customers will search for you, and ensure those words are reflected in the text.  This helps the search engines find your site.
  •  Keep your writing honest, don’t make promises you can’t deliver.


Keep your text focused, unique and easy to read.  Avoid jargon and technical terms unless your customers will understand them.  Don’t copy from other websites as this will get your site marked down by Google.  Write your copy and then test it is original 

Keep a balance between writing for human readers and for robots.  

Most of all make it interesting to hold your customers’ attention.  

Enjoy the process, if you are excited about your business this will be reflected in your writing.  

Keep your writing honest don’t promise what you can’t deliver.  

Don’t forget you are governed by the Trades Description Act 1968 www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/29 and

Data Protection Act 1998 www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998

Finally make sure your Terms and Conditions are robust and can stand up in a Court of Law just in case it all goes wrong.  Make sure you are protected.