MSL Uses WordPress

MSL Creative uses WordPress for many reasons and budget is high on the list.  In order to create a website there are a few areas that will take most of your budget.  hosting for example depending on the site requirements will depend on the cost.  The site build can also be expensive depending on the number of pages needed, starting with the minimum of 5 pages.

The websites we build are generally for small businesses and charities and where possible we keep the overheads as low as possible in order to focus more on the development process.   Wordpress also allows users to access the site in various forms from Administrators to Editor or Author.  WordPress is flexible.

Google has decided to protect users access to websites and now highlights safe sights to visit if the site uses an SSL certificate, this provides a secure visit to a website.

Also Google promote those websites that provided a visual version of there website that is compatible with mobile phones and tablets.  Being safe online is an everyday challenge for ISPs and we work with Invictanet providing a small business package that helps small businesses and charities get online and benefit from the Internet presence.

The WordPress framework can handle all this and more at the touch of a button.  To make life even easier we use an editing tool within WordPress called Elementor.  Elementor helps to make WordPress very much drag and drop allowing more time and effort to be focused on the development process.  This also applies to Blog posting and similar style record keeping.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress isn’t just a framework that allows easy page creation and editing it also has a wealth of addons created by third party businesses and individuals across the world, these are called plugins and provide additional functionality to WordPress.

An example of a plugin could provide a contact form or an image carousel allowing a page to display beautiful or descriptive photographs and allowing the users to interact with the page by completing a contact form.

Elementor Editor

While the process from deciding there is a need for a website and hosting and domain name and all the other requirements for a website things start to become more complicated?  Not using Elementor it makes the page development so much easier.

Elementor has to levels of use, the free version and the premium version.  Before thinking that the FREE version is very basic and not worth considering then have a look at it first, is does all the basic requirements plus more.

The premium version offers many more features to make a web page really stand out.  Also wit the premium version there is support that can help provide the answers to any technical queries and for the free version there is a support forum.

Would WordPress be the ideal Framework?

Any decision in business is a challenge and website creation/development s no different.  Although websites do tend to be more of a challenge as the technical side can be thought of as a hidden art.  Not any more as WordPress is that easy to use when creating a basic system.  The resources available are huge, want to know how to add a contact form to a page then look no further than Google and YouTube this video shows the general process for creating a contact form using a plugin called ‘Contact Form 7’.