Websites - Design – Development – Photography

We are a Kent based website design and development service in Faversham. We provide website design and development working with you to create the best website for your business needs.

Getting the design right is crucial to creating the final product. We work on the premise that light bright and colourful shows anything in a great light with nothing hidden.

Website Designing & Development

Designing & Developing a website to present your products or services on the Internet takes time and effort from everyone involved making sure it gets the best opportunities the Internet has to offer.  The website process starts with a domain name, website hosting service, a design structure a series of pages with text and images for presentation then the site has potential just needs to be build and all done, great.  Well not quite then there is SEO sales and marketing your site, Google maybe?  Microsoft Bing? or how about organic SEO, always a good start.

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Copywriting - SEO - Management Services

We can turn your text into web friendly key worded copy that interlinks with  the basic search engine optimisation we add to the sites we build.

In addition offering a photography service for your website, products and services to make the final display crisp clean and inviting.

In addition we also offer social media additions to further enhance the visitor impact potential.

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How to get More Visitors to your website Using Organic SEO

There are many different ways to get more visitors to your website pages from basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to online advertising using Adwords from Google.  We can explain how the different methods can help attract more visitors and boost you ranking with Google.

The Internet is flooded with opportunities to register your website with thousands of search engines and many are free to submit your domain name in an attempt to attract more visitors to your website pages.

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If you have a logo of image that you need converted to an illustration or vector graphic then we can help with that as well. 

The illustration example can be found under the websites menu or click here to jump to the page.

As the saying goes if it looks to good to be true then the chances are it is and our experience dealing with sites that have tried these methods of generating traffic is mostly badly targeted.