Oast Cowl Renovation

New Oast Cowl Installation by Dude and Arnette

The new Oast Cowl had to be rebuilt from the ground upwards.  Although from the ground the cowl looked as if it would be repairable once it was back as the workshop on closer inspection it wasn’t possible.  This was due to the previous repair being finished with a fibre glass coating and although this sounds like a great idea it doesn’t allow the wood to breath and if there is an air gap anywhere allowing the moisture in, then it becomes terminal and requires replacement.  

Once the wet weather gets inside the weather proof fibre glass barrier the wood will rot very quickly.  Darren and team from Dude and Arnette removed, rebuilt and installed the Oast Cowl.

The Oast Cowl Collapsed

The project started with a site meeting and visual inspection of the task ahead.  The cowl was in a very poor condition and after being removed for a closer inspection it became apparent how poor it was. 

The previous repair had been finished with a fibre glass coating and this was holding what remained of the rotten wood structure together.  Although fibre glass has some great weather proofing qualities it didn’t work so well in this case and is not recommended.

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