Terms and Conditions

The photographs presented on this site are the property of MSL Creative owned by the photographers working for MSL Creative, these photographs have been uploaded for your visual experience only, so please do not download or copy them or remove them from this site. If you would like a high resolution version then please contact me via the contact page.

While every effort has been made to provide a visually correct set of web pages things do occasionally go wrong and I would appreciate your telling me if the pages have displayed information or photographs incorrectly.

Testing the content of this site has been carried out using many of the main stream browsers IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and the popular operating systems Windows XP and 7. I have also tested a few browsers on the Mac. I hope that the code I have used to create these pages, provides you with a visually interesting experience.

If you have a Complimentary site and would like to link with us then please email to Malcolm Catmur-Neame or by using the contact page.

Photography & Web Design

All photography and web design remain the property of MSL Creative until all invoices are paid.  MSL Creative charge £30 per hour as a flat rate for any and all work carried out.

All images we produce will be licensed for the intended purpose of the contract/agreement, this means that if images are taken for the purposes of being used for a website then the license covers the website use only.  If the same images are required for other purposes and they are not discussed at the time of agreement then further agreement will be required.  

The images will need to be re-processed for other purposes due to website images being optimised for visual display only, a different image quality would be required for printing purposes.  Any samples taken and supplied as examples of our work must be deleted as they are not permitted for any purpose than a visual example.  

MSL Creative also use tried and tested modules for online PayPal shopping. In order to use PayPal you will need to have an account for purchasing and selling, please ask for further details and help is starting an account.

We have created this site for you to enjoy please follow our T’s and C’s as we are running a business and to continue running our business we need your support.

We will meet to assess if we are able to help you create a website for your business at no charge.  Further meetings will become chargeable.  Should the progress become delayed for reasons beyond control we will invoice monthly for work carried out.  Once the site design has been agreed and the site developed as agreed we will invoice any outstanding work and expect payment prior to the final upload in SEO integration.

We make every effort to ensure that the design/development/implementation brief is carried out per your instructions, if at any point you are unhappy with progress you can terminate the agreement.  We will invoice for the work carried out.

Web Development

Quoted prices are the estimated costs at the time of issue and are subject to change.  All quotes are valid for 90 days

Initial work created by our designer for the client will be subject to charges at the normal hourly rate.

Copy and Content Writing when supplied by the client may need additional work if it needs transposing from written text and needs to be converted into electronic form.  This is charged at the normal rate.

Debugging – faults and errors on the website will be corrected within a 60 day period and is down to the client to test and examine the created pages.  After 60 days any errors discovered will be changed at the normal rate.

Claims – Non refundable deposit


Use of images, the client warrants the images are available to be used for the development of there website and they have copyright assigned for the use of display web content.

Use of supplied text – We reserve the right to test any text supplied to confirm it is original.

Charges, we charge a deposit fee for all websites, the fee will depend of the quote estimated cost.

Completion of development will be agreed between us and the client based on the quotation and any agreed additions and changes throughout the process of building the website.

Payment is due at the completion of the website development, once payment has been received the final processes will be undertaken including loading the site onto the client hosting server.

Client Property supplied to us for the purpose of taking photographs so they can be used for the website or printed material are supplied at the clients risk and the client is expected to ensure that full insurance cover is in force.  Msl Creative provide no warranties for any loss or damage.  Should the client business fail or be unable to pay any outstanding fees we will use any products supplied to help make up any losses to MSL Creative.

Unsuitable material.  Comply with the Law in England & Wales

The client shall indemnify our work against any infringement that may lead to legal action as a consequence of material and information supplied by the client.

Copyright – Images, text, java scripts any other.  The web pages design any images or copy created by MSL Creative belongs to MSL Creative.

Confidential information


MSL Creative provide a warranty  for 60 days from the website completion point.  Also any changes alterations or modifications.