Social Media

Make use of the social media opportunities to maximise advertising of your web site and contents. Facebook is easy to use as is Twitter along with Google+ these appear to be the more popular business social media networks.  

One way to keep your customer engaged is through blogs.  These can be attached to your sites, here is an opportunity to talk about your activities and get hopefully, positive customer feedback.  Good customer feedback gives a sense to new customers that you are reliable and safe to do business with.

There are many choices to make but the more activity you can create the more the Search Engines remain interested.  Static web sites don’t encourage your customers to keep returning to your site.  

Updating information creates excitement, finding out what you are doing, how your business is progressing and giving additional information keeps your web site interesting and brings old and new customers back.

Twitter - Google Plus - Facebook

Social Media has become a fundamental part of our daily lives wether we are using Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, WordPress blog or online daily news papers or one of the many other methods of communication.

We encourage the use of social media in line with recommendations from search engines.  Using Facebook business pages is a good way to promote your business opportunities as they arrive being a faster way to communicate with your clients and potential clients.

Running a blog is another way to advertise your business and promotions as they become available.   This weeks promotions or maybe you have some special offer products left that you want to sell at a discount.

Social media can be linked to your website helping to promote your business and bring visitors to your pages.