Competition Equestrian Eventing

We have been on a number of equestrian events and while they are great fun we need to be really focused because the time slot for each event is short.  The examples below show some of shots we have taken.  Initially although the shots were great from a horse perspective they didn’t meet the accepted criteria  expected in the world of equestrian photography and with some guidance on positions we improved to along the way.

There a a few short minutes for dressage and show jumping and finding a sweet spot is not as easy as it might seem.  Ideally the sun behind regardless of the weather even an overcast day will create a silhouette, then stand where you can see either 1 or 2 perfect shot angles or areas close together where a few short steps can re-position and compose a new shot.  Not forgetting the short time slot. 

The cross county may seem like a much bigger time slot but that is hindered by the distances across the course.  We didn’t attempt to compete with the horse they are much quicker and even going in different directions across the course didn’t help so we resolved to using two positions on each occasion and selecting the best or the course.