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We have an open approach.  We believe everyone should have access to WordPress.  If you are a non skilled HTML/PHP/MySQL programmer then WordPress might be your solution. 

We believe offering a standard fee means you do not get any unwelcome surprises. The fees we charge are up front and clear before you pay. The following year will be the same unless circumstances change.

If you are looking for a DIY setup then we have the option for your website.

An Easy to use platform

Help to get started

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Domain names

The name you use needs to be compatible with your business and not one that gets lost amongst the online competition, try to be unique.  Also consider the name may have been registered so take time to consider the domain name.

Also consider the extension as it is possible to get most options now. is generally UK Commercial
.com is generally USA Commercial
.net a non business network
.gov Government website
.edu Education facility

There are many types we would suggest generally using a 

We work with Invictanet for domain names and hosting, take advantage of our small business solution.

If you have a site that will use more than 12 pages then we recommend using Invictanet development services direct, they have a team for larger systems.

How to Start your website

What tools are available to help you.

What skills do you need?  Not a lot.

How to run a secure website

Secure Connection

Why does it need to be secure

What are the benefits to secure website

The Digital Business

help to turn your business into a digital platform

we offer a stater pack that includes, domain name, email address and hosting

Create an online shop

shopping cart

There are options for online shopping for products and services, Woocommerce is an ecommerce solution

Small business / charity projects

Large business projects

Ask Kate at Invictanet

How Much Does it Cost

more about the costs


The chances are you already have an email account, maybe Gmail or Hotmail or one of the many options available.  The hosting service from Invictanet provides an email forward system for the basic service, there is an alternative option using an online account or remote pop/imap/smtp